Justin Bieber and His Crew Involved In Club Fight

It looks like Justin Bieber and his crew were at it again on Saturday, but at least this time there was no spitting involved.

The 19-year-old singer and his crew apparently went to South Pointe night club early Saturday morning. The entire crew (including four bodyguards) all went directly to the VIP section of the club. Things started to get a little dicey when people in the club started to try and take photos with Bieber.

His “overbearing” bodyguards reportedly shined flashlights in people’s eyes, trying to do their best to keep people away from the great Bieber. A little later in the morning, Bieber got into a big argument with some dude. Apparently, the guy’s female friend tried to get with Bieber, but she was rejected. The male friend didn’t like the fact that he just straight up rejected her, so words were exchanged.


And then things got weird when a source claims that Bieber, “ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming.” Security ended up escorting him and his crew to the parking lot. This is when some kind of altercation went down that left one victim knocked out on the ground. It’s unclear what exactly happened, but it appears like Justin was not the one throwing the punches.

His rep has denied he was involved in any physical altercation and cops are not investigating the 19-year-old. However, they are looking at a few people in his crew who might have played a part in the fight.

Of course Bieber didn’t throw any punches! He has four bodyguards to take care of all that for him. I’d act like a badass all the time too if I knew had four bodyguards to protect me.