Usher’s Son Hospitalized After Nearly Drowning to his Death!

Usher’s son, 5 year old Usher Raymond V, is in the ICU after an accident that occurred at Usher’s house in his pool.  Reports say that the child was in the pool with his aunt when he noticed that one of his toys were down by the drain of the pool.  The child dove down to get the toy and managed to somehow get his arm stuck in the drain.

The aunt, who luckily was on her game and paying attention, saw exactly what happened and dove down to save him but she could not get his arm free.  Then one of Usher’s maids dove in and tried as well but was also unsuccessful.

As the maid screamed for help two men who were working in the house also dove in the pool and were able to successfully get the boy free.  He was then given CPR and Usher arrived at home in time to ride in the back of the ambulance with his son to the hospital.

Usher and his Ex Tameka are both at the hospital. All reports so far say that Usher Raymond V will be Ok.

Last year Tameka’s son was killed during an accident that also occurred on the water.  He was struck by a rider on a Jet Ski.  He was declared brain dead the next day and died two weeks later.  The possibly of losing another son must have been all too real.

Tameka has already leveraged this incident to file for custody of their two boys implying that Usher is a negligent, unfit father and that he is abdicating his parental responsibilities by letting other people  care for their 2 children.

Hmm….1st of all accidents will happen no matter how closely you are watching children and secondly I believe she was watching her son when he was killed last year.  Good luck with that custody fight.

Glad to hear Usher Raymond V will be ok.