Cory Monteith Spent Last Night With Sober Friends

There had been reports going around that claimed Cory had some kind of a “double life” up in Canada. Reportedly, he would be 100% sober in the states, but once he went to Canada all bets were off. He would hang out with the wrong crowd again and start reverting back to old habits.

However, Cory Monteith’s longtime friend and acting coach Andrew McIlroy talked to People magazine recently and said there was no double life. In fact, he says he was with longtime “sober” friends the night before his death,

“They weren’t strangers, they weren’t bad guys. They were longtime sober friends. Cory knew them maybe 10 years. Essentially, he had spent time with (them) as sober people. They were not using with him (that night). There was no double life up here.”

As for the last time McIlroy saw him, well, he says Cory seemed fine and “was happy to be breathing fresh air” again. He also revealed that he was supposed to have breakfast with the actor the morning he died. “He was fine, that’s what’s so awful.” McIlroy told the magazine.

I swear, this story just gets sadder the more I hear about it. I just hope something good comes from his unfortunate death. Hopefully the Glee tribute episode will really deal with the issues and save a few lives.