Amanda Bynes Has Tearful Breakthrough

Things might finally be looking up for Amanda Bynes. The troubled actress has reportedly had a breakthrough in the last few days.

TMZ is reporting that the medicine the doctors are giving her appears to be working, and more importantly, she is starting to show emotion! She has apparently been crying a lot recently and doctors say that’s a very good sign because most schizophrenics don’t show any emotion at all.

Bynes was crying all of Wednesday night and Thursday night. She stated that she was afraid of her upcoming court date on Friday. On Thursday night, a nurse was right by her side to comfort her during her emotion breakdown (breakthrough?)

This news of progress is somewhat surprising when you consider that the doctors fought so hard to convince the judge to extend her psychiatric hold for 30 more days. They claimed she was “gravely disabled” and stated that they just need more time with her to help her get back to normal.

So, we’re not sure what to believe right now. Hopefully she is really showing improvement. Mental illness is not something to joke about or mess around with. She seems to in good hands at the moment though, so hopefully she will walk out of this with a new outlook on life.