Photos: Justin Bieber Naked And Holding Guitar

Justin Bieber has just made a bunch of girls around the country very happy, well, technically TMZ is the one who is making them very happy.

TMZ was the first website to obtain the photos you see down below of a completely naked Justin Bieber. His “junk” is thankfully covered by a guitar, however, there is nothing covering that white butt of his.





How lovely, huh? The strangest part about all of this is that these pictures were taken at his Grandma’s house! According to TMZ, he was staying over at his Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and woke up way late on Thanksgiving morning. So, when he finally woke up, he thought it would be a good idea to prank his family.

And we all know that the best pranks involve serenading your Grandma with a love song with no clothes on. According to the source who talked with TMZ, everyone in the room thought the prank was hilarious. Although, Bieber’s Grandma did eventually tell him to go put some clothes on.

I think we all know who stuffed the turkey that year…bon appétit!