Look At What Justin Bieber Did Now

The 19-year-old singer has been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. However, it turns out that there might be a little awesomeness behind all that douchebaggery.

This past Saturday, Justin met up with Annalysha Brown-Rafanan. She’s eight-years-old and is suffering from a life threatening liver condition, she also happens to be a huge fan of Justin Bieber. The Make-A-Wish Foundation made the meeting happen and it marks the 200th time Justin has worked with them to make the dreams of sick child come true.

You can watch the adorable Annalysha interview Justin Bieber in the video down below. I must warn you that this video might possibly make you like Justin Bieber. Watch at your own risk.

It feels weird, huh? Wanting to give Justin Bieber a high five instead of a punch to the face. He deserves respect for this, though. He’s the first singer to reach the 200 milestone with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He might be a bit of a douche at times, but it’s good to know that he still has a big heart.