Teen Mom Jenelle Evans In Jail AGAIN!

We have officially lost count of how many times ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans has been to jail. No matter how many times her awesome mother yells, “STAWP IT, JENELLE!” Jenelle just never seems to stop it.

The MTV star was in court Monday to deal with some pretty serious drug charges, which included heroin possession. The teen mom managed to make a deal with prosecutors and she pled guilty to the paraphernalia charges. As part of the deal, all of the other charges she was facing were dropped. She received 18 months unsupervised probation.

However, Jenelle managed to f–k things up again. The judge working the case made Jenelle take a random drug test Monday morning, and apparently she tested positive for marijuana. She was sent to jail for two days for failing the drug test.


As you can see from her mug shot above, she appears to be happy about it. Maybe they serve good food in the jail she visits? Who knows.

This girl just can’t stay away from the drugs. She’s had several opportunities to get clean and she just can’t seem to do it, not even for her son. Such a shame.