Justin Bieber Coming Between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez?

As we all know, Taylor Swift is not a big fan of Justin Bieber. Remember this amazing gif from the Billboard Music Awards?

Yeah, it certainly seems like even just being in the same room as Bieber makes Swift cringe. However, up until now it seemed like Selena and Taylor hadn’t let Bieber get in the way of their close friendship. But could that all be changing?

According to a source who talked with Us Weekly, “Bieber has really come between the girls.” Adding that Taylor thinks Selena is making a mistake every time she gets back with the 19-year-old singer. And get this, a source told HollywoodLife that the last time Selena broke up with Bieber, Swift would call her 10 times a day!

She reportedly even set Selena up with one of her friends to “keep her busy” while she was out on tour. Just what kind of busy are talking about here, hm? Anyway, even though it certainly seems like these rumors could be true, we’re willing to bet they aren’t.


Well, just recently on Selena Gomez’s 21st birthday, Taylor Swift tweeted the following message and photo you see down below.


It certainly doesn’t look like anything is coming between them there, also, a rep for Taylor Swift has denied any rumors of a fight between the two friends. The rep confirms that Taylor and Selena talk to each other almost every single day.

Well, that’s kind of a bummer. I was kind of hoping to see them take out their anger on each other in a nationally televised mud wrestling match. I was even going to offer to be the referee, but I guess that idea is just ruined. Pfft.