Kylie Jenner Gives Away Insane Gift Bags At Sweet Sixteen Party

Usually when you attend a party for someone else, you are the one doing the gift giving. However, when you’re attending the sweet sixteen party for Kylie Jenner, you can expect to be giving and receiving.

As most of you know, Kylie Jenner had her big sweet sixteen party last weekend which featured some impressive guests like Big Sean and Drake. Those who went to the party say it was an absolute blast and we know exactly why they felt that way.

It wasn’t because the cake was delicious, it was because they received amazing gift bags that were valued at over $1,000 each! Everyone who attended the party received a balla’ parting gift as they left the joint.

The bags included items like, 808 headphones, Kardashian brand makeup, jewelery, gift cards, iPod speakers and several other expensive items.

TMZ managed to get a photo of some of them items found in the bag,


Not bad, huh? That must have been one huge bag. They probably hired lot attendants just to help people carry the bags out to their $300,000 cars. I mean, does anyone attending a party for Kylie Jenner really need $1,000 worth of free sh-t? I’m pretty sure they can afford their own headphones.

Anyway, the party had around 150 guests, so that means there were around $150,000 worth of gift bags. That’s just insane! I remember going to parties as a kid and just being happy that there was free pizza.

The saddest part about all this is that I am pretty sure I’ve never received $1,000 worth of gifts even for my own party. These fools in Hollywood get $1,000 worth of gifts just for ATTENDING a party. That’s some bullsh-t right there.