Unpaid Intern Suing Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment

An unpaid intern by the name of Rashida Salaam is suing Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment because she believes she was taken advantage of.

In the lawsuit, the woman claims she couldn’t believe the things they were asking her to do for free. She states that they made her do terrible things like, answer the phone, deliver packages, wrap presents and get lunch and coffee for her co-workers!

She is appalled that they would make her do such hard labor without even paying her a dime. The woman only worked for the company from January 2012 to May 2012, but she wants them to pay for their actions…or her actions rather.

The sad thing is that she just might win her case, considering the new laws surrounding unpaid interns. Companies can no longer hire interns and pay them with “school credit.” All internships must have some kind of “educational” benefit and companies must pay the interns if they benefit from the work.

This world is filled with a bunch of lazy people who expect everything to be handed to them. Answering the phone, wrapping presents and getting coffee? That’s not work, that’s normal everyday things! It’s won’t be long ‘til you see people expecting to get paid every time they hold the door open for someone at the store.

A simple “thank you” will no longer be enough.