Kim Zolciak Pregnant with Twins, Sorry Kroy!

Last month I was bitchin’ about Kim Zolciak smoking and being preggers.  I was pissed because she was possibly affecting the health of her baby to be.  Well now multiply that by 2, she was affecting the health of her BABIES to be.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star will be giving birth twins.  This isn’t just a twitter rumor but it has been confirmed….sort of.  A source says that she has now started to take things very seriously,

“Kim is having a lot of anxiety about her pregnancy, she’s completely changed her ways,  She’s reached out to some nutritionists and other specialists about staying healthy as of recent.”

At age 35 (if you believe that) her pregnancy is definitely considered high risk.

..and for Kroy…He’s a lost cause.  Do you remember when she got pregnant?

“How exciting is that, love muffin?” she exclaimed as she hugged the Atlanta Falcons player. “You did it again, lovey … Are you excited, love muffin? It must be the athlete sperm.”

[more…]Yeah, that athlete sperm that has now handcuffed Kroy to this psycho bitch that pops out kids like a pez dispenser. AT 27 years old, Kroy’s NFL career is just about over.  Let’s see how long she sticks around then “Love Muffin”.  When she is banking harder then he is, she will kick him to the curb, get a tummy tuck and trade up.  That’s the plan right Kim?