Taylor Swift Mocks Kanye West With Jam

You probably read the title and assumed we were talking about a “jam” as in a song, but that is not the case.

We’re talking about actual jam! The 23-year-old singer apparently can’t let that night at the MTV Video Music Awards go. It’s now been four years since Kanye went on stage and interrupted T-Swift during her acceptance speech, but Taylor’s heart still hasn’t healed.

The former country singer turned pop princess sent her good friend Ed Sheeran a jar of jam. On the jar of delicious jam, Taylor wrote a little message that reads, “Yo Ed, I’m really happy 4 you and I’m gonna let you finish but this is the best JAM OF ALL TIME. – T”

Ed posted the picture of the jar of jam on Instagram and you can view the photo down below…


I think it’s safe to say that jam was made with sour grapes…

By the way, both Kanye and Taylor are expected to perform at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards which will air on MTV this coming Sunday. We’ll see if there are any fireworks.