Dick Van Dyke Rescued From Burning Car (VIDEO)

The comedy legend Dick Van Dyke had quite the scare yesterday afternoon after his car went up in flames on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles.

The 87-year-old actor was apparently rescued and pulled out of the burning vehicle by Jason Pennington. The good Samaritan pulled his car over to the side when he noticed Dick’s car on fire. He hopped out of his vehicle and saw that Dick was struggling to get out of the car, so he opened the door and pulled the 87-year-old out.

Thankfully, the actor made it out of the vehicle without any injuries. He was said to be a bit shaken up, but he did not require any medical attention.

Van Dyke’s wife posted a vine video of the aftermath of the accident. In the video below you can see what’s left of his fancy sports car, and you can see him talking to the Highway Patrol.

Close call, huh? I just can’t believe he’s 87-years-old and still driving down the highway in a sports car. And have you seen his wife? Take a look at the photo down below…


Yeah, not bad for an 87-year-old, right? She’s more than 40 years younger than him! I can’t be the only one hoping they come out with a sex tape sometime soon. I just want to know that it’s still possible at that age.