Lee Thompson Young’s Death, No Suicide Note Found

Well, we still don’t know why this incredibly talented young man took his own life. The 29-year-old actor who made a lot of fans with his ‘Jett Jackson’ role committed suicide sometime over the weekend. Young apparently shot himself in his home and authorities believe he might have pulled the trigger on Saturday.

Sources connected with TMZ claim that the police working the case are stumped. Young didn’t leave behind any kind of note, or any signs that he was struggling. He did keep a diary, but nothing was found in it, at least not anything that would explain why he might have taken his own life.

This case gets even stranger when you consider that a lot of people in Young’s life say he showed no signs of any major problems. However, we all know that doesn’t mean much of anything. Just because he didn’t show any signs of depression, doesn’t mean he wasn’t secretly dealing with it. People can hide things very well and he just might have been an extremely private person.

It’s impossible to say why he did it, but there was obviously something eating away at the guy. We can only hope that he is at peace now. It’s just a shame he wasn’t able to get any help before it was too late.

We’ll keep you updated once we find out more information.