Beyonce Booed In England

Fans of Beyonce were apparently very upset with her Saturday night after she arrived 20 minutes late to the V Festival. The situation was made worse because it was apparently storming outside.

WENN reports that Beyonce was booed by a lot of people in the crowd after leaving them waiting in the pouring rain and wind. To make matters worse, when she did finally perform, the sound was so bad that people actually started to leave!

“The sound was so terrible people were just walking away halfway through her set.” A source told Metro UK. Queen Bey tried to turn the night around by thanking those that remained, “Thank you all so much for waiting in the rain … Now let’s have some fun in the rain. It feels good doesn’t it.” She reportedly told the crowd.

However, the 31-year-old apparently pissed off more people by not giving Channel 4 broadcasting rights to her performance. So, all of the people at home who were hoping to see her Festival performance on TV were left disappointed once again.

Sounds like a bad night, although, I do wonder if this story was just blown up by the media. I mean, 20 minutes late? Isn’t that technically on time for most performers? I find it hard to believe that they started showering her with boos after only 20 minutes.

20 minutes is nothing! She could have just been in the back, taking a long dump and wiping her ass with that red toilet paper of hers.