The New Judge Joining American Idol Is…

According to recent reports, American Idol has selected another judge to join Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez on the show.

So, who is this mystery judge? Is it Jennifer Hudson? Did Kanye West change his mind and decide to accept their offer? Of course not!

American Idol has decided to continue to fall in the ratings by bringing in a music producer named, “Dr. Luke” as the third judge on the show. The producer has worked on a few hit songs by Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry and is currently on the rise in the industry.


The 39-year-old was reportedly offered the job after American Idol was turned down by after he decided to stay on as a coach on the British version of, “The Voice.”

This is certainly an odd move. I don’t know much about “Dr. Luke” but I can only hope/imagine he has a big personality. My guess is that they’re trying to strike gold with another “Simon Cowell” type of judge. I could be completely wrong, but that is the only thing that would explain this perplexing move.

I am willing to give the guy a shot, but if he’s not making contestants cry by the second episode, I’m out.