Lamar Odom Is Missing And Abusing Drugs?

Some weird rumors have been going around about Lamar Odom this weekend. It was reported by multiple news outlets that Lamar Odom has apparently been struggling with a drug abuse problem for a couple of years now.

Sources claim that problem has been going on for two years and that he reportedly went to rehab last August, but only lasted three weeks in the facility. The three weeks apparently helped him stay clean through the rest of the basketball season, but sources say he fell off the wagon after the season was finished.

TMZ reported that the situation really became serious within the past few days, so serious that his family tried to stage an intervention. However, Odom apparently didn’t want to listen to what they had to say. According to the reports, Khloe kicked him out of the house last week and no one has seen him since.

A source that talked with People magazine said the following,

“It’s a really hard time for Khloe. She’s kept this secret for almost two years trying to save Lamar and their marriage.”

With all of the rumors swirling around, there is no doubt that something is going on with Lamar. However, at this time we can’t say for sure what exactly it is. Just recently, a source close to Odom told the Huffington Post that the NBA star is not missing.

So, there are conflicting reports going around, but all of the reports seem to point to Lamar having some kind of drug problem and his drug of choice is most likely cocaine.

We’ll keep you updated…