Khole Kardashian Gives Lamar Odom An Ultimatum

Khloe and Lamar’s marriage is hanging by a thread, and Khloe is finally putting her foot down. According to TMZ sources, Khloe has told her husband Lamar that he either has to get help or find a new place to live.

Sources say that Lamar Odom is not allowed to live at the home they share together until he completes a stay in rehab. So far, Odom has been set against going to rehab, but Khloe feels like this might be the thing that breaks him down and forces him to go.

The brave decision came after Lamar’s recent DUI fiasco. The arrest was the “last straw” for Khloe, who has been pushed to her breaking point. And get this, Khloe allegedly didn’t even know about the DUI arrested until she heard about it on TMZ!

Apparently, the couple had a long talk at their home this past Saturday, but could not reach an agreement. Lamar is still trying to prove that he does not need rehab, but obviously Khloe is not buying it.

And we all know there must be something wrong with it if a Kardashian is not buying it. Lamar better get his act together, or he might have to deal with a divorce very soon. It’s tough to see someone let their life slip away like this.

It just doesn’t make any sense when extremely successfully people like this throw their life away. He’s got a loving wife, a beautiful home and loads of money. He’s living the dream, but he’s choosing to stay in his own nightmare.