Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Fiance Accused Of Assaulting Paparazzo

Another week, another new story about some celebrity hitting a paparazzo.

This time, it was actor and fiance of Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brian Hallisay. Apparently, the altercation happened as Hallisay and Hewitt were leaving a restaurant in Brentwood, California. A paparazzo approached them and started snapping photos of Hallisay and a very pregnant Hewitt.

Brian warned the photographer to stop taking pictures, but of course the dude didn’t listen. He continued to snap photos, and that’s when Brian snapped himself. Some kind of scuffle took place and it ended with the paparazzo claiming he had suffered an injury to his eye.

The paparazzo went to file a battery report at the local police station a short time later. Witnesses claim that there were no visible injuries to the paprazzo, so he might have a tough time convincing people he was truly assaulted.

And get this, Hewitt apparently felt so bad after the incident that she allowed every paparazzo around to take pictures of them before they left. We guess it was her way of saying sorry.

The relationship between celebrities and the paparazzi continues to get worse. Sadly, it’s going to take something really bad happening before any significant change is put in place. One of the Baldwin brothers will probably end up stabbing someone with a dinner fork.