‘2 Broke Girls’ Actress Attacked By Dog!

You have probably seen Beth Behrs before on the CBS hit comedy, ‘2 Broke Girls’ in which she plays a broke girl.

She’s quickly gaining popularity in Hollywood, but apparently not in Doggywood. The 27-year-old actress was attacked by a pit bull mix outside of her apartment building Wednesday afternoon.


According to sources who talked with TMZ, Beth was attacked while walking her little Yorkie. Apparently, Beth and her little pup were approached by a neighbor who was walking their pit bull/lab mix. For some reason, the dog attacked the actress and took out a chunk of her sweater.

Thankfully, she was not injured during the attack, but sources say she was very upset by the whole thing. After the attack, she called Animal Control and they came out to the scene a short time later. It is believed that the owner of the pit bull received a hefty fine.

Doesn’t that dog know who the f–k she is? You can’t just go around attacking famous people. Start off with people that no one care about and then work your way up. Work smarter, not harder!