Britney Spears Will Be Earning Ridiculous Amount For Vegas Show

As most of you know, Britney Spears will be performing in Vegas this coming winter. The contract she signed is for two years, and she will reportedly play 48 shows each year.

But can you guess how much she is making for each show? $310,000 per show, which means she will be making about $15 million a year! That’s right, Britney Spears will be getting paid $310,000 just to perform one show. That’s about how much the average fire fighter makes in 6-7 years! She is going to make that in just one night.


Pretty insane, right? Well, surprisingly she’s not making the most money out in Vegas. Veteran performer Celine Dion makes $476,000 a show, and performs 70 shows a year! So, Celine is clearly beating Britney in the money department, but Britney does get a little more time off.

Britney’s show will start in December and it’s expected to be a huge hit. Projected sales for each show are just over $500,000! This means that at $310,000 per show, Britney will be getting over half the sales.

Not a bad little gig, huh? I’ve been writing about celebrities for way too long now and the amount of money they make still surprises me. How someone can get $310,000 for performing one show is just absolutely insane to me, but more power to her.

We all wish we were in the same boat yacht.