Fan Yanks Beyonce Off Stage! (VIDEO)

Beyonce continues to have trouble on stage. Just weeks after getting her hair stuck in a fan on stage, the 32-year-old singer was yanked off stage by a very excited fan.

The incident happened at a concert in Brazil on Sunday night. Beyonce was killin’ it on stage, performing ‘Irreplaceable” when a very aggressive fan pulled her down off the stage. Luckily, security jumped in right away and pulled her back up before he dragged her back to his cave.

As you can see, Beyonce handled the whole thing very well. She continued to perform the song, and even shook hands with the aggressive fan after she finished the song. You could hear her say, “Nice to meet you. Thank you, I love you, too.”

She must have been in a good mood or something. You may remember back in May when a fan slapped her butt on stage, and she threatened to have him kicked out of the building,

Let that be a lesson to everyone out there. Butt slapping? Not okay. Dragging her off stage? No big deal, it happens!

Jay Z needs to start attending all her shows to keep these dudes in check. They look like they’re getting a little too comfortable. Jay Z needs put some fear into them, or at least blow on them with that huge nose of his.

(actual size)