Cory Monteith Tribute At The Emmys Met With Backlash

The Emmys were on last night, which means hundreds of actors waited to see if their big head would grow even bigger with a meaningless award.

However, feeding egos and handing out awards were not the only things going on last night at the Emmys. There were also tributes to great people we have lost in Hollywood recently. Great actors and actresses like James Gandolfini and Jean Stapleton were honored last night.

Glee’ actor Cory Monteith was also honored with a touching tribute put on by his co-star, Jane Lynch,

“Cory was a beautiful soul. He was not perfect, which many of us here tonight can relate to. His death is a tragic reminder of the rapacious, senseless destruction that is brought on by addiction. Tonight we remember Cory for all he was and mourn the loss of all he could have been.”

It was a very nice tribute, but some people thought he didn’t deserve it. Critics say that he hadn’t accomplished enough to be honored at the Emmys. Some claim that there were more deserving actors who got bumped for Cory.

The producers of the Emmys are standing by their decision, though. They say that Cory was beloved by the younger generation and deserved every bit of the tribute, and I have to agree with them.

I mean, is this really where we want to go? Complaining about which dead person gets a tribute at the Emmys? Really people?

THEY’RE DEAD! At least allow them to enjoy this one last thing, or are we so miserable inside that we can’t even let dead people have nice things now?