Lamar Odom’s Tweet To Father Was Fake? Allegedly On Another Crack Binge

Yesterday we showed you the long tweet Lamar wrote to his father. You know, the one where he slammed him for never being around and claimed that the Kardashians have been the only one supporting him?

Well, sources who spoke with TMZ claim that the tweet was bogus. They say that Lamar did not send the tweet, claiming that Lamar doesn’t even have internet where he’s staying at. The NBA star is reportedly very paranoid and doesn’t allow anyone to be on their phone for more than 15-seconds around him.

So, what is Odom doing if he’s not writing mean letters to his father? He’s smoking crack and f–king hot chicks, of course!

According to sources, Lamar is in a home in a gated community about 100 miles from Los Angeles. They say that he smokes crack all day and hangs around with “2 young women.” The source says that he is intimate with only one of them.

He reportedly almost never leaves the house, and when he does leave, it’s only to buy more crack. The worst part about it all is that he’s not even worried about losing Khloe!

He allegedly knows how much she loves him and knows that she wouldn’t stand by him this long only to end things later on.

This sh-t is just crazy! We really don’t know what to believe anymore. All of these sources can’t be wrong, right? There has to be some truth to these rumors.

The whole situation just seems so bizarre. I mean, Khloe was out clubbing with The Game just a few days ago. Does no one else find that a little odd? If your husband was killing himself with a drug addiction, wouldn’t you seem a little more concerned?