Kanye West Being Nice to Paparazzi? Yes We Have Video!

If it was any other celebrity, it wouldn’t be news. But in Kanye’s case, it definitely is.

Kanye arrived in Paris and was approached by some French paparazzi. At first, he asked them not to talk to him. Then he went on a long ramble about how much more respectful the French paparazzi is than LA paparazzi. He smiled for the camera and even complimented one of the photographers…twice!

At that point, one of the French paparazzi members, a female reporter, asked Kanye who the hell he was. Surprisingly, instead of flipping out, Kanye politely introduced himself!

Kanye, who is famous for getting into fights with paparazzi (and thinking he is much more important than he is) is apparently trying to make nice, considering his upcoming battery and attempted grand theft trial for attacking a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport. However, if Kanye is trying to prove his nice guy nature, he has a long way to go. Kanye has a long history of paparazzi conflict, with his most recent one occurring just this past Friday in his driveway. [more…]

Maybe we’ll all get lucky and he’ll just stay in Paris.