Lamar Odom to Father: NO MORE RENT MONEY FOR YOU!

Lamar Odom has had enough with his dad. He’s put up with a lot of sh-t from him his entire life, and now he just can’t take it anymore.

Despite the fact that his father was never there for him as a kid, Lamar Odom has been nice enough to help his dad out with rent for a long time now. Odom has apparently been giving his dad $2,900 a month for rent, which just makes no f–king sense.

First of all, why is helping his father in the first place? Blood doesn’t mean anything if the blood has been poisoned. Secondly, why the hell didn’t he just buy his father a cheap house somewhere? Why would he waste almost $3,000 a month in rent? That is absurd.

It just pains me to see people abuse money like that. Although, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised considering the fact he has blown thousands on his drug addiction.

Anyway, Lamar Odom is reportedly finally wising up and cutting his dad off. It looks Papa Odom will have to find a new place to stay.

Please excuse us while we shed some tears…