Farrah Abraham Did NOT Make $1 Million For Sex Tape!

Farrah Abraham claimed that she was offered $1.5 million for her “sex tape.”

As you all know, Vivid Entertainment bought the video and had great success with it.

Many people were shocked (myself included) that she made over a million dollars for having sex on camera, but no one really questioned her about the amount. However, a reliable source told FOX411 that the horrible teen mom really only received $10,000 for the video.

A professional “sex tape broker” also told the site the following,

“Tami Erin was offered $10,000 up-front which is standard for Vivid. It is what they offer every celebrity, not a million dollars.”

So, it looks like Farrah was lying yet again. This doesn’t mean that she didn’t make a lot of money off the video, though. $10,000 is still a lot of cash for just letting someone f–k you on camera, plus she has received close to $200,000 in royalties off the video.

The bottom line is that she still has received way too much money for doing something we all do for free. It’s just not the outrageous number like we all thought at first, which I guess restores a little of my faith in humanity.

Just a little…