What’s Wrong With This Photo Of Miley Cyrus?

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the picture of Miley Cyrus down below? No, it has nothing to do with her silly haircut or her incredibly long eyelashes.

Look at the sides of her mouth and see if you notice what everyone else does…


Do you see that? It looks as if Miley Cyrus has licked her makeup right off her face! Did the pale spots come from excessive tongue wagging? Well, the members of Reddit sure think so.

The picture blew up on Reddit the other day, and the members of that site seem to think that this could be a result of Miley sticking her tongue out one too many times.

However, there are other possibilities. Some members claim it’s just the way some makeup shows up in the “flash” of the camera, or it could just have been a weird angle/lighting…who knows. But we’d like to believe that this was all because of her tongue.

Wouldn’t that just be amazing? She looks like the Joker! She might want to keep that tongue of hers in her mouth from now on.