Kanye West Sounds Off On EVERYTHING During Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

We told you yesterday that Kanye West was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show last night, and Kanye did not disappoint.

The interview started off a little awkward with both of them explaining their side of the “feud.” Kanye made it clear that it was not a publicity stunt, “I’ve never done a publicity stunt in my life.” He told the cameras.

He explained that he felt betrayed by Kimmel because he knew him, “This is the one person I know!” West said. Kimmel explained his side of the story and said that he felt Kanye’s attack came out of nowhere because they had always been very friendly with each other.

After that, Kimmel kissed Kanye’s ass and even showed a picture of his dad with Kanye at a wedding. It was kind of disappointing to see Kimmel back down like he did, but we understand it must be difficult to look directly into the eyes of Jesus.

Anyway, after the second commercial break, Kanye took over the show. He went on an incredibly long rant about the media, the civil rights movement, the fashion industry and a lot of other things.

You can watch his entire interview in the videos down below. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend watching this much of Kanye at once, but you should be able to handle it. If you start to feel sick at any point during the interview, just press pause and remind yourself how amazingly talented you are.

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