Ellen Turns Woman’s Good Deed Into $10,000 Surprise

Ellen DeGeneres should really be called Ellen DeGenerous because being generous and kind is what she is all about.

The 55-year-old host of the Ellen DeGeneres Show made Sarah Hoidahl’s year the other day when she surprised her with a check for $10,000. But Sarah wasn’t just picked randomly out of the audience to receive this check.

She was brought to the show because of a good deed she did at her work. Sarah is a waitress in New Hampshire and she recently picked up the tab of two National Guard soldiers who were feeling the affects of the government shutdown.

Their lunch tab only came out to be just under $30, but it was the random act of kindness that made everyone feel so inspired. It inspired Ellen so much that she gave the woman $10,000 and a huge television screen.

I bet you that you’re going to see a lot more of these stories in the coming months, and not just because the holidays are coming up. People are going to start doing this sh-t in hopes of getting noticed. They’re thinking, “Oh, maybe Ellen will give me $10,000!”

But it’s not going to work. You can’t think of doing a good deed for someone as an investment. It has to come straight from your heart, and you have to expect nothing in return. Do you think this woman had any idea she would end up the Ellen Show? No way.

She just did it because she’s a good person, and it’s nice to see good people getting rewarded.