Pauly D Wanted Baby Mama To Get Abortion

Pauly D might be fighting for custody of his 5-month-old daughter now, but it looks like that wasn’t always the case.

The girl he knocked up, Amanda Markert claims that she has text messages that show Pauly D asking her to get an abortion. According to Amanda, he even offered to pay for the thing.

And get this, sources close to the woman claim that she actually took the money for the abortion, but she obviously had a change of heart at some point. Amanda is currently trying to sell the controversial text messages to the highest bidder.

Like we said though, Pauly D has obviously realized how blessed he is to have this baby in his life now. He’s trying to get custody of the baby, and he apparently fears for his daughter’s safety because of Amanda’s previous baby daddy issues.

Apparently, the father of her first child is wanted for felony drug charges and Pauly D doesn’t want his daughter anywhere near that drama. However, Amanda told TMZ that she has taken steps to protect herself against her previous baby daddy.

Wow. This story just keeps getting crazier, huh? This poor baby girl was very close to never seeing the world. Can you imagine if Amanda went through with it? You know she would have eventually told some tabloid the story, and it probably would have looked very bad for Pauly D.

Thankfully, that never happened. Now let’s just hope that they can respect each other and make sure that this kid grows up to be a decent human being.