Sharon Osborne Parties Like Her Rock Star Husband

Ozzy isn’t the only hard partier in the Osborne family. After the X Factor UK show ended on Sunday night, Sharon decided to hit the town with her fellow judges Gary Barlow, Nicole Sherzinger and Louis Wash.

sharon osborne

By the end of the night, Sharon was looking a little worse for wear, as she was being carried out of the club. Of course, Osborne was no match for her hard partying friend Nicole Sherzinger. After wishing Sharon a good night and putting her friend in a car, the two shared an awkwardly long kiss on the lips and went their separate ways.

This won’t the first time Sharon has been accused of over imbibing. In early October, a Twitter rumor was started that indicated not only was Sharon drunk on the X Factor UK, but that she was drinking on the air as well. Sharon didn’t bother to deny the rumors that there was something a bit stronger than tea in her tea cup.

Perhaps Sharon is letting loose after spending years of dealing with her husbands addictions? Just this past summer, it was revealed that Ozzy Osborne had been drinking and taking drugs. For a woman who seemed to spend the majority of her life taking care of him, she might be entitled to a bit of a good time for a change.