Video Proof That Justin Bieber Had Sex With Brazilian Prostitute? (VIDEO INSIDE)

A couple of days ago we reported to you all that Justin Bieber was caught running out of a popular brothel in Rio De Janeiro. He was identified by his signature tattoo around his wrist as you can see in the photo down below…

It was reported that his security team tried everything they could to keep the cameras away. They even sprayed the paparazzi with water, but the paparazzi held their ground and managed to snap this photo of the two prostitutes he allegedly left with.


Of course, the Biebs denied the rumors on his Twitter account, but is there now video evidence of a prostitute leaving Bieber’s hotel room? Perhaps.

The video you see down below is spreading around the internet faster than Justin Bieber spreading herpes to all his adoring fans. The original video was uploaded by a user named, “Filipe Golay.” However, the video/channel keeps going private, so we are showing you a copy of the video.

Now, is this proof that Justin Bieber paid for sex? Not at all. Heck, this isn’t even proof that Justin Bieber had sex with the girl in the video. All this video proves is that some chick filmed herself in Justin Bieber’s room while he was sleeping.

Could he have been sleeping off a wild night of hot sex with a prostitute? Sure. But he could have just been sleeping off a wild night of playing Chutes and Ladders with his buddies. It’s impossible to know the real story behind this video, but it sure does make things very interesting.

It’s also possible that Justin Bieber could be pranking us all, or maybe it’s Jimmy Kimmel pranking us again? Who knows! You can’t trust anyone anymore.