Celebrity Thanksgiving Photos

Do you ever wonder what celebrities do for Thanksgiving? Do they eat unicorn meat with Jesus? Do they count all of their money and then buy a boat just because they can?

No, it turns out that celebrities are normal people! Who could have imagined such a wild thing? Take a look at the gallery down below and see how your favorite celebrities were spending Thanksgiving with their families.

Honestly, I am just glad no one took a selfie with any raw poultry. I was afraid that we’d see some people putting a pair of sunglasses on their bird this year.


It’s nice to see this side of the celebrity world. It proves that they have to spend time with their families just like us! They eat turkey and mashed potatoes just like we do, it’s just the plates they’re eating on are probably worth more than your car.

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone! It’s back to the real world on Monday…