Roseanne Barr Reveals She Has Mental Issues In Long Twitter Rant

It looks like Roseanne Barr is fed up with Hollywood and all of the fake people in it. She went on her Twitter account this past weekend and said some pretty strange things.

Things like,


We know what you’re thinking, “Roseanne Barr porn? SIGN ME THE F—K UP!” Well, don’t get too excited, perverts. We’re certain she wasn’t serious about that, it appears like she just needed to vent.



Apparently, she was mad that her attempt to start a new show failed. So, she started to drink and tweet, which is just a little bit worse than drinking and texting.


We’re not sure what mental issues she has, but we certainly hope she gets that all worked out. And if she does decide to do porn, we’ll be the first ones to let you know about it.

Heck, maybe we can start an e-mail alert system. Do people still “doe-mails? Maybe a text might work better.