Pamela Anderson Dramatically Changed Her Hair Again (She’s No Longer Blonde)

Everyone freaked out when she cut off most of her hair early last month and now everyone is freaking out again because Pamela Anderson dyed her hair!

Take a look at the photo down below. That’s a picture of the girl from Baywatch! The girl we all fell in love with now looks like a 55-year-old Yoga instructor from Pennsylvania.

Pamela Anderson


I said before that I thought she looked alright with short hair, but I’m not sure if I am feeling this new color. Maybe it looks better without the hat on? Perhaps, I should wait to make an official statement about Pamela Anderson’s hair ‘til we get full data back.

Because this is a serious subject, you know that right? News about Pamela Anderson changing her hair color will no doubt make the news ticker on CNN.

You can click this link to see more pictures of Pamela. However, all the pictures look the same, so you’re not really missing anything.