Bad Guy Justin Bieber, Custom Agents Find Weed On Friend

Well, the ‘good guy’ act that Justin Bieber was putting up didn’t last long. The 19-year-old and his entourage were reportedly detained at the Brisbane, Australia airport late last month.

According to TMZ sources, a routine security check by custom agents didn’t go as planned when one of Bieber’s friends was caught with a stash of weed. They took his friend in, fined him and then later released him back into the arms of Bieber.

Not only was his friend busted for pot, but Australian police claim they had to detain a “19-year-old man” for using inappropriate language during the pot bust. Sources say that the 19-year-old was in fact our lovable Bieber.


Sources say that the friend had a disposable vaporizer on him, which clearly had residue in it. An attorney for Bieber’s friend had to show up in court the other day and pay the fine.

Oh, Bieber! You are one of the most confusing dudes around. One minute, you’re helping out people and singing to sick children, and then the next you’re swearing at cops and spitting in someone’s face.

Which Bieber is the true Bieber, huh? The world would like to know, or at least we here at T.V.S.T. would like to know.