It Looks Like Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Is Really Happening


I hate to be the big ol’ bear with the bad news, but it looks like Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles might be a little more than just friends. As you might remember, they went on a little dinner date back in November at a restaurant in West Hollywood.

At the time, they claimed that they were just friends. When asked about the dinner date by Piers Morgan, Styles said, “We just went out to dinner so no…I guess. I don’t know.” Sounds like he was a bit confused himself. Well, Harry and Kendall were spotted together again this past weekend.

They spent a lot of time together in New York City. Harry and his bandmates were in town to perform on SNL. Well, earlier in the day on Saturday, Kendall and Harry were seen leaving a hotel together. According to multiple sources, they were surrounded by fans and tried their best to escape the madness with help from their security team.

E! News is even reporting that Jenner showed up backstage at SNL. Was she there supporting her new man? Or was she just there to support a friend? We think the answer is quite obvious.

It’ll probably be awhile before either one of them confirms the news, though. Harry wouldn’t want to upset his fans by announcing he was dating a Kardashian. It’s not exactly something to be proud of. I just hope he doesn’t get too serious with this girl, I mean does he really want to end up in a Christmas card like this?