Lady Gaga Celebrates Christmas Early By Becoming A Human Christmas Tree

Lady Gaga is known for her ridiculous costumes, but the one she wore just last night in London might be the weirdest one yet.

The legal guardian of all the little monsters in the world was performing in London at the Jingle Bell Ball and she showed up wearing a very appropriate costume. As you can see from the horrifying photos down below, Lady Gaga dressed up as a freaking Christmas tree!


I’d hate to sit behind her at the movies. I mean, I know it was a festive event and all, but what happened to just wearing an ugly Christmas sweater? You don’t show up to a Christmas party dressed up as the freaking Christmas tree. It’d be like going to your in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving dressed up as a fried turkey!

Maybe she was just so excited to be performing again. She sent out this tweet a couple of nights ago…

You heard it here first, folks. Lady Gaga is back. This means we can expect more outrageous costumes and performances from Madonna 2.0


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