Rampage Goes on a Rampage at Club

If you’re going to insult some girl at a club, make sure her boyfriend isn’t a bad tempered MMA fighter. That was a lesson learned by an intoxicated clubber at AV Nightclub in Hollywood on Friday night.

Rampage Jackson, an ex-UFC lightweight fighter kept to his name and went on a rampage after some clearly intoxicated blonde hipster disrespected his girlfriend. Rampage demanded an apology with more than a few choice words,

“Tell my girlfriend sorry and you ain’t gonna do that s**t no more … Or you about to go to the f**king hospital”

When he is met with a glazed over look from the drunk partier, Rampage gets even more angry.

Luckily for the clubber, security stepped in and pulled the two apart.

Rampage is no stranger to massive, public outbursts. In 2008, Rampage led Costa Mesa cops on a high speed chase through the suburbs, in his lifted Ford F350. [more…]

On top of that, he seriously peeved off some women’s groups in 2013 after he released an instructional video on how to rape someone in a parking garage. At the time, he reported that the controversial video was done in an attempt to get him out of his UFC contract.

Well, that’s one way to do it.