Beyonce Surprises People At Walmart, Hands Out Over 750 Gift Cards (VIDEO)

Before Beyonce’s big concert in Boston Friday night, the 32-year-old singer stopped by a Massachusetts Walmart and gave every customer in the store a big surprise.

Not only did she make an appearance at the Walmart and talk to the shoppers on the loudspeaker, she also offered to give every person in there a $50 gift card.

A Walmart spokeswoman told WGHP,

“It was amazing, quite a scene. Everybody was so excited when she came in, and it’s so great what she did for our customers right before Christmas.”

So, how much money did Beyonce end up spending? Find out the details inside and watch video of Beyonce inside the Walmart.

[more…] reports that Beyonce purchased a total of 750 gift cards, which means she spent around $37,500! That might sound like a lot of money to us regular folk, but that’s just dinner and a movie to Beyonce.

Anyway, watch the video down below to see Beyonce spread some holiday cheer.

Beyonce is an extremely clever person. She found a way to share a special moment with fans, and give a big “F–K YOU!” to Target at the same time.

Well done, Beyonce. I am beginning to like you more and more every day.