Miami Beach Police Pull Over Jermaine Dupri, Freak Out Over One Xanax Pill

Jermaine Dupri and his friends learned the hard way that you shouldn’t drive around with pills prescribed to you by your doctor inside your pocket, especially if you’re black.

Police in Miami Beach proved that racial profiling is still alive and well in Florida. Jermaine and his boys were pulled over around 3am this morning while driving around Miami Beach.

Cops claim they pulled the car over because the tint on their vehicle was too dark. Well, during the “routine” traffic stop, police officers thought they smelled “a strong odor of marijuana” according to the police report, which was obtained by TMZ.



Everyone in the car was forced to exit the vehicle and receive a pat down from police. No marijuana was found on any of the people inside the car, but police did find one Xanax pill inside the pocket of one of Dupri’s friends.

He told the cops that the pill was prescribed to him by a doctor, but the cops didn’t believe him. They called out the K-9 dogs and had them sniff around the vehicle. The dogs didn’t find anything.

End of discussion, right? Wrong. The cops still didn’t believe this man’s story, so one of the other guys in the group had to go to the man’s home and get his prescription to show the cops.

Eventually, after being shown proof of the prescription, cops graciously allowed everyone to leave.

It’s pretty obvious what happened here. All over one Xanax pill! Sh-t, he probably needed to take two of them damn things after almost being arrested for driving around with prescribed medications.

I hear you can get 5-10 years in prison for doing stupid sh-t like that.