Sofia Vergara Puts An End To Breakup Rumors By Showing Off Her Booty In Thong Bikini

Apparently, there have been some rumors floating around about Sofia Vergara and her fiance, Nick Loeb. Sources claim that Sofia and Nick have been having trouble for a few months now.

And the rumors really spread when it was reported that Nick didn’t even attend Sofia’s Thanksgiving celebration with her friends and family.

“He wasn’t with Sofia. The fact that Nick wasn’t with her family on Thanksgiving speaks volumes.” A source told In Touch Weekly earlier this week.

However, it looks like the rumors might be a bit overblown. Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb appear to still be in love. The 41-year-old actress posted the photo you see down below,


She captioned the photo, “Nothing like Mexico”

You know, I don’t know if they were having any trouble during Thanksgiving, but I can guarantee you it wasn’t Nick who had the problem. It’s just impossible to get mad at someone who has an a** like that.

As long as she’s wearing a thong bikini, she can do whatever she wants. She can slap you in the face, call your mother a whore and smash your Xbox One with a hammer. And you’d be fine with it, because at the end of the day, you’d still get to snuggle up next to that thing.

Here is a bonus picture from Sofia Vergara’s trip to Mexico,