Katy Perry Attends Britney Spears Concert, Is Not Impressed (VIDEO)

Britney Spears kicked off her Las Vegas residency Friday night and all the stars came out to support her. Miley Cyrus was there, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez and even Katy Perry.

Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert and Selena Gomez all seemed to be enjoying the concert, but Katy Perry looked like she was having the worst time of her life.

TMZ managed to get some video of the concert, and you can clearly see that Katy Perry is not feeling it.


You see? We told you she looked miserable. Of course, this video doesn’t show how she was acting throughout the rest of the concert, she could have just been resting during that song.

Or maybe she just finally realized that Britney Spears is a terrible performer right now. She’s obviously not singing live, which would be fine if she could actually still perform and dance, but she can’t! I’d be pissed if I wasted my money on that show.

I’d rather watch Kanye West talk about his shoes for an hour.