Kanye West Assaults Teen Who Called Kim Kardashian a “N****r Lover”

Some drama went down in Kanyeland yesterday after an 18-year-old man called Kim Kardashian a “n****r lover” and then threatened to kill her.

The strange incident took place outside of a medical building in Beverley Hills. Kim was trying to get her big booty in the building, but there was a group of photographers blocking the entrance way. And that’s when a young gentleman came out from the crowd of people and tried to help Kim.

He was working on clearing out a little path for the reality star, but he was doing it in a very offensive way. It’s being reported he was yelling terrible things at the paparazzi. Calling them “fa**ots” and calling them all “n****rs” as he tried to help Kim get in the building. Obviously, Kim didn’t appreciate the language and told the dude to stop using that kind of language.


That’s when the dude flipped out and went off on Kim Kardashian. Allegedly saying, “F**k you bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover. Stupid slut.” and it’s now being reported that he even threatened to kill the 33-year-old.

Fearing for her life, Kim called up Kanye on the phone and told him everything that was happening. Kanye was already on his way to the building, so it didn’t take like him long to show up. And when he did, he went straight into the Chiropractor’s office and beat the sh-t out of the teenager.

Witnesses claim Kanye punched the dude at least once and Kim Kardashian yelled, “WE HAVE IT ALL ON TAPE!” We’re assuming she is referring to the part where the guy said he would murder her.

Police were called to the scene, but Kanye had already left before they arrived. Apparently, the racist/homophobic/murderer wants to press charges on Kanye, so he’s now a suspect in a criminal battery investigation.

Crazy sh*t, right? This 18-year-old sounds like a pretty terrible person. If I had a wife and someone threatened to kill her, I am pretty sure I’d do the same thing as Kanye.

Let’s hope the charges get dropped. After all, Kanye is already in some trouble for that “assault” at LAX last year.