Miss Claudette From ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Finally Out Of Coma After Car Crash

Most of you know Michelle Hurst as Miss Claudette from ‘Orange Is the New Black.’ The talented actress has been in a medically induced coma for the past 16 days following a terrible car accident.

Doctors kept her in the coma so they could perform multiple surgeries around her spine. They didn’t want to risk any sudden movements while performing the risky surgeries.

But there is good news! After a little over two weeks, Michelle Hurst is out of the coma and has reportedly opened her eyes! A fundraising page was set up to help the actress pay for all her medical expenses.


You can view the page by clicking the link. The original goal was to raise $5,000, but fans have more than doubled that amount. The fundraiser has raised more than $12,000 and her coworkers are thrilled with the news.

Piper Kerman, the author behind the story, thanked everyone who donated on her Twitter account early this morning,


The “Helping our Orange Family” page will continue to accept donations until the early part of February. We certainly hope she makes a full recovery!

She was definitely one of my favorite characters on the show.