Brooke Burke Shows Off Tight Body While Pumping Gas In Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

These pictures of Brooke Burke pumping gas might make you want to pump something else.

The 42-year-old cancer survivor and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ winner decided to put on a show at a gas station in Los Angeles the other day.

Brooke decided to fill up her tank while only wearing a tight pair of cycling shorts and a crop top. We’re not sure if she was on her way to the gym or if she just wanted to show off her incredible body. Whatever the reason, we’re thankful she decided to do it.

You see that sh-t? This is a 42-year-old woman who has 4 kids and just underwent surgery to treat her thyroid cancer in 2012.

Pretty unbelievable, right? Click the “read more” link to see more pictures of her sexy gas station adventure.


It’s official, I live in the wrong state. I can promise you no one in my neighborhood looks like that while pumping gas. Oh well, it’s probably for the best. I’d stare too long, pump too much gas in my car and then cause some huge explosion.

I’ll just enjoy these pictures from my home and explode into a Kleenex.