Justin Bieber Drops $75k In Miami Strip Club, Laughs Off Drug Rumors

Hey, Parents. We need to have a talk. You know, when your 13-year-old daughter begged you to take her to the Justin Bieber concert? And you know how you finally gave in and bought tickets for her and all of her friends? Well, you f–ked up.

Why? Because all that money you worked so hard for went directly into Justin Bieber’s pocket, and then ended up being shoved up some stripper’s a** in Miami.

The 19-year-old singer attended Lil Scrappy’s birthday party in Miami on Monday night and he allegedly dropped $75k in the King of Diamonds strip club.

Someone posted the following message on Twitter Monday night,


“Justin Bieber is at “@KOD_miami strip club in Miami and just ordered 75K in dollar bills.”

That’s right, folks. $75k in dollar bills! Do you know how many private lap dances you can get with that kind of money?

The sad thing about all of this is that the club was also celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

Because where else would you celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, right?

Anyway, it’s also being reported that Justin Bieber is loving the recent headlines about him. Sources claim he’s laughing at all of the drug rumors. He claims that he’s just “19-years-old” and enjoying life while he can.