Did Police Exaggerate How Much Alcohol Justin Bieber Had In His System?

Do we need to even explain the situation? You all know what’s going on. Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami and charged with DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest. Every single person in the world has probably heard about it.

You want to know just how important Justin Bieber’s arrest was to our media? Look at this frightening clip from MSNBC…

Crazy, right? Look, we’re a gossip/entertainment website. It’s our job to cover stories like this, but MSNBC? They’re supposed to report actual news. They’re supposed to be covering stories that actually matter! Stories that might change the world. If they’re interrupting a congresswoman for news about Justin Bieber, well, that should tell you all you need to know about mainstream media.

Anyway, let’s interrupt all this news sh-t for a new report on Justin Bieber! It turns out that Justin Bieber hardly had any alcohol in his system when he was arrested.


It was originally reported that the 19-year-old had a blood alcohol level of .04, but it turns out that it was actually .014, which is basically nothing. In fact, TMZ reports that someone of Bieber’s size wouldn’t even have to drink one beer to reach a level of .014.

But there is still something wrong with this story. According to the police report, the arresting officer said Justin Bieber’s breath reeked of alcohol, “I immediately smelled an odor of alcohol eminating [sic] from the driver’s breath.” The cop said in the report.

And another police officer at the holding facility also claimed to smell alcohol coming from Bieber’s breath. However, Justin Bieber has said from the start that he was not drunk during the arrest.

So, what the hell is going on here? Who knows. What we do know is that Bieber was going 60 MPH down a residential neighborhood. We also know he resisted arrest and he had at least some alcohol in him, which is a problem because he’s only 19-years-old.

The dude needs help. He needs to get away from his father, his mother and all of his equally sh–ty friends. Take a trip to some island and think about how much of a prick he is.

And he’s not allowed to come back until his hair can do this again…