The Racist Teen Who Verbally Abused Kim Kardashian Gets $250,000 From Kanye West In Civil Settlement

Sometimes it pays to be a racist a**hole. The 18-year-old who allegedly called Kim Kardashian a “n—-r lover” and threatened to kill her has been awarded $250,000.

You all know the story. Kim Kardashian was surrounded by the paparazzi as she tried to make her way inside an office building. Apparently, they were blocking the entrance, making it impossible for her to enter. And that’s when the 18-year-old came in and tried to move the paparazzi out of the way.

What a nice young man, right? Well, as he was helping her get to the door, he started to yell homophobic and racial slurs at the paparazzi. Kim didn’t appreciate the language he was using, so she told him how inappropriate it was.


After that, the dude started to yell at her, “”F–k you, b–ch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n—-r lover, stupid slut.” He reportedly yelled at her. Once inside the building, Kim called Kanye to tell him what happened and Kanye showed up a short time later and beat the sh-t out of the teenager.

Of course, the 18-year-old filed a complaint and Kanye West became a suspect in a misdemeanor battery assault case. Well, Kanye is already in some legal trouble, so he wanted to do everything possible to settle this outside of court.

TMZ is now reporting that Kanye West paid the 18-year-old $250,000 in a civil settlement. The teenager will now avoid pressing any charges against the 36-year-old rapper. And while $250,000 seems like a lot of money for getting your a** kicked, it could have been worse for Kanye. The teenager was originally asking for $1 million.

Must be nice, huh? Get your a** kicked and receive $250,000. I’d let someone kick my a** for that kind of money. Anyone reading this who wants to punch my face in…just send me an e-mail and we can work something out.